Problems with Save and Compile Rnw scripts in Rstudio on Windows 10 Pro

I have Windows 10 Pro and the latest R and Rstudio R version 3.5.2 on my laptop. I have encountered two problems:

  1. Now I cannot save my R script in both R and Rstudio. Every time I try to save a script, it just shows "... File not found. Check the file name and try again".

  2. When I click "Compile PDF" in Rstudio, it shows "Access is denied".

Are there any ways to fix these problems such that I can save and compile .Rnw scripts?


Hi @learningR5! Welcome!

Can you clarify which version of RStudio you have? There are currently a few different versions that could be considered “latest” — the current 1.1.x release, the current 1.2.x Preview release, or even a bleeding-edge 1.2.x Daily release.

A few initial thoughts:

Does the file saving problem only happen for .Rnw files, or do you also see it when trying to save other types of script files?

Is there anything unusual about your computer setup? Is your working directory (or your user directory) on a network drive?

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