Project fails to open, relaunching doesn't work

My project seems stuck on the "Opening Project" dialog box, but it won't open. I've tried re-launching to no avail. I'm worried about multiple stale sessions, or some other server-side issue. The last operation I was doing, before the session crashed and I was unable to re-open, was pushing to git.

Link to project:

[I've been using the service for several months now, and it's been great. First real hiccup].


I'm sorry you're experiencing issues while trying to open your project, looking at our logs it appears you may have hit the 3 GB storage limit. Sorry for any inconvenience, would you allow us to look at the content of your project in order to help further?


Thanks for your attention to this, Karen.

Yes, that would be fine to examine the content. [Any .Rdata files could be deleted to bring it within the limit].

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