Project hours reached


I am a student and have been using R Studio cloud for a class project, I cannot access my projects–is there anyway to extend my limit? If so I would greatly appreciate it, as I don't really want to upgrade!

Hi Wolf35912_Carrillo,

We can help you out. I'll send you a direct message shortly.

Please, I need help here and it's urgent. Suddenly, I can't access my script in the RStudio cloud. I would like to download my project because I need my scripts for an upcoming exam. Could you help me, please?

Hi Osafu,

Yes, we can help you access your project. We will send you a direct message shortly.

Hello Mr. Robby,

I am a student temporarily using I really need to access my project, please, if you can help?




I'm also a student unable to open my past projects after reaching my limit! Would it be possible to open my projects so that I can make a copy of the code I used as I will need it for an upcoming assignment?

Thank you very much,

Hi Leeza,

Yes, we can help you out. We'll send you a direct message shortly.

Hi Kate,

We can help you out - we'll send you a direct message shortly.

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