Project mode in Rstudio-1.1.456 lags. Especially with shiny applications.



When I open my shiny applications in a project mode, the execution slows down exceptionally. Many a times I get a warning window for non-responsive R session (image below).

The git and Terminal windows also lag heavily in a project mode. Is this the problem for R-5.0.1 or R-Studio-1.1.456?

I am on 64-bit Windows 10 i5-6300U CPU and 16GB RAM.



The latest release of R is 3.5.1 -- was that an error?

You could also try the preview release and see if things are improved there.


Oops! My bad.. Yes it is R-3.5.1.


Hi Kevin,

With RStudio- 1.2 the lag in performance was corrected; but now I am not able to use the git commit window. I get this spinner (image below) which doesn't allow me to commit any changes and push them on git repo.


But when I try to do the same thing from terminal window, I am able to do so;

Any suggesstions?



This should be fixed with the newest preview release, now version v1.2.1060.


Thanks Kevin!! Waiting for it... :slight_smile: