Project not loading after uploading a file

Hi everyone!

I've discovered RStudio Cloud this week and have been working with it for the past three days. It is awesome, thanks for the amazing tool.

I believe I might have done something wrong in terms of memory usage because I am not being able to load my project since this afternoon ( I keep getting the same "Opening Project" screen.

Can someone help me fix this issue?

Best regards,

Hi there,

I look a look, and I didn't notice any problems in the logs for that project. We've had reports of users being unable to open projects due to a bug where the browser is deleting authentication cookies (particularly on Google Chrome). I would be curious if you logged out of RStudio Cloud, and logged back in, and then try and open the project again.


Hi Andy,

I did that and it worked just fine.
Thanks for the advise.


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