Project not loading...again

I've had several problems accessing my projects. Tonight and on January 5th, my project was inaccessible for an hour or so. Both times I ended up stuck with the "opening project" message after relaunching the project. On the 5th it happened after receiving multiple warnings that there was "no such file or directory." Tonight I received an error message (not a pop up, but in the R output) that I did not copy down before the page refreshed and I got stuck in the "opening project" limbo. Both times it happened around 10:45 eastern time in the US.

The project is but I'm having no more luck with my other project.

NB I've tried logging in with Chrome and Firefox on a mac, with the same results.


I'm sorry to hear you are having problems with your project. We believe an issue with a routine maintenance operation may have caused a small number of projects to encounter an error that prevented them from fully starting. We are currently fixing cases of this and investigating how to prevent the problem from occurring again. In the meantime I looked in our logs and it seems your project may have started successfully again? Please let us know if you are still unable to open the project and we can look into it further.


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