Project Proposal: Mapping Coronavirus Cases in Chicago

Hi Everyone:

Greetings. I'm a student living in Chicago and I'm trying to start a project in mapping coronavirus cases by street or census tract level. I believe this can help locals to avoid hotspots in the city. I'm wondering if there is anyone who would like to join.

Right now there are state-level maps made by CDC and the New York Times. However, for Chicagoans, it is not enough to simply know how many cases are there in their city. More importantly, they need to know where exactly the cases are so that they can avoid traveling to places nearby. This project may also help research efforts, but I believe its priority is helping the locals.

I'm choosing R because I took a few courses at college about it, and I believe its mapping features are helpful for such a project.

If anyone is interested, please feel free to contact by replying below

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