Project shutting down in R studio cloud

I'm not sure if I aM typing this in the correct box, but I do hope I can please find help with regards to some issues I am currently encountering in R Studio cloud.

I have been having this particular screen any time I try trimimg and filtering (in Dada2),
I noticed the following:

  1. The RAM icon suddenly shoots in to a bright red colour, then an orange colour and then it's like the project just shuts down (with a message -" While you were away , you project went Idle").
  2. It takes quite a long time to get the workspace back on and when it eventually comes on, I have to start all over to that very stage, and then the message pops up, after the bright red coloration must have spent some few seconds.

I don't know if this information would be of help though, I am currently on cloud premium plan, with access to 8G RAM and 4 CPU.

Can anyone please help with a solution please?
This analysis is part of my PhD project work and I am currently stuck in this stage.

Please help.

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