Project stuck on loading

I've got a project here:

It seems the project is stuck on the loading screen, and won't seem to advance.. I'd love to know if there is a fix for this issue.

Hi @AlvaroGarnica,

Sorry for the trouble. Can you describe what, exactly you're seeing in the browser when you attempt to access your project? Do you see the "Opening project" message? Also, what browser are you using? Has this project ever opened before?


Hi, thank you for the answer.
Yes, im seeing the "opening project" message. I'm using chrome but i've tried to open it in other browsers. And yes, this project has been open many times before.


Sure thing. Have you tried relaunching the project? You can relaunch a project from this menu:

16 AM

If relaunching doesn't take care of it:
What other browsers have you tried? Try logging out, restarting Chrome, and logging back in?

I’ve already try to relaunch. I have try chrome and safari in 3 different computers also. I have try to restart chrome but still doesn’t work..


Hi there,

We investigated your project, and we found an error in our system that might of been preventing this project from opening. We've gone ahead and fixed that error, so please let me know if you are now able to open the project.


I'm able to open the project now, thank you very much!

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I am having the same problem which began after I experienced the problem described in this post:

pop-up error saying No Such File Or Directory

and I tried relaunching and closing my browser and clearing my browsing data.

My project is at

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