Projects failing to load on Posit Cloud.

Hi, I'm having issues with a few of my projects that are currently failing to load with an error

"There was a problem with the task, please try again. (Task d82b6da2-41e5-40bd-b080-3ae8f61ba74b)"
(screenshot attached.)

This has been going on for the past few hours. Here's a link for one of the projects:

The projects have been running some long computations and the session was due to run out of time soon on the projects that I'm currently not able to open, so this could have something to do with it. However, I've reached the max runtime on the projects before and was able able to re-open them without issues (just had to restart the computations).

I'd really appreciate any advice.

Edit: The projects can't be copied either - deployment fails with the same message.

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