Providing Feedback on Rmd files in Canvas

Hi all. This post was useful: "Publishing" to a LMS submission system? and I'm wondering if things have changed here at all (3 yrs later...)

I'm also using Canvas and having students submit Rmd and HTML files.

So far, I haven't figured out how to get Canvas DocViewer to recognize the Rmd file (like it does a Word or HTML file), so I have to download those submissions. Is there an easy solution for this issue? It would be fantastic if I could provide feedback directly through speedgrader, into the Rmd file, where those comments were also then later easily summarizable.

Absent that, I'm most interested in how to best give feedback to students...

FWIW, I'm hoping to follow something like Christopher Riesbeck's approach to Ungrading, so making the critiques that can be easily accessed, understood and implemented by students is paramount. I also want to be able to then aggregate and summarize the comments for use in a portfolio grading approach.

My struggle is:

  • If I put my critique in Canvas through speedgrader comment box, the critique isn't directly with the offending code, so I'm worried the students won't incorporate it well.
  • If I put my critique directly in the Rmd file, it isn't easily summarizable to view their overall progress as the term progresses.

Does anyone have a good solutions or suggestions here?


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