Publish from Windows RStudio IDE to RStudio-Connect over SSL




I am new to RStudio, and have recently set up an RStudio-Connect server, using SSL and an internally signed certificate. As stated in one of the articles I have been following, I have tried adding the internal CA cert and the server cert to the certs.pem store in the rsconnect package, but no matter what I try, this does not work. I know the certficate chain is intact and correct, as I can access the page over ssl using chrome or IE, and I also have an instance of RStudio server running on a Linux server that is working as it should, its only the Windows IDE. Publishing over http is absolutely fine, my version of R is 3.5.1 and the version of rsconnect is 0.8.12

If anyone has seen this before and managed to fix it, please let me know,


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