Publishing a password protected rmarkdown/html file

I would like to put a knitted rmarkdown/html document online, but protected with a password.

Any recommendations a) how to do get the password protection, and b) where to place the file? Is there something like rpubs but with a password protection? I am aware that this is might be only indirectly related to r, but I could imagine that some here have been confronted with similar situations before. My needs are minimal. Just one rmarkdown report and very little traffic.

Many thanks!

Some hosting service like Netlify will offer some authentication layer. See
Publishing HTML file (and companion files) to netlify is pretty easy, and you'll find some tutorial on the web.

Otherwise, I think you would require to create your own hosting service on AWS, DIGITALOCEAN, GCP or other service. A small apache webserver would be fine (example on GCP. You'll need to add an authentication layer and I think you can get this to work.

Some services like are also offering free plan for this and it seems they have information on securing a single web page app (

Hope these hints helps.

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Many thanks for all the leads. Sounds like a new adventure lies ahead ;-).

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