Publishing git backed content

I can't for the life of me figure out where I'm going wrong...

I've followed the instructions here but I keep experiencing this error:


So I'm able to use git to clone and push code to our enterprise Github from R studio ide just fine. I went through the steps to create the manifest and pushed that as well. Once I try to publish in R Connect, I'm running into the above error.

Is there a specific configuration needed when using enterprise accounts? For example, I'm not prompted for a username or passcode, whereas is in R studio IDE I am. I'm having trouble finding others who have run into this issue, so I feel like I'm missing something super obvious. Any help is appreciated.


Is the repository private? You mention "enterprise account", but that is no longer required for a private repository. For RStudio Connect to access a private repository, you will need to configure credentials, c.f. These should not be your personal credentials, since it is a global setting. Typically it is best to use a technical user with read-only access.

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