Publishing Shiny app to with animation generated with gganimate

I am trying to deploy my Shiny app to This app works fine locally, and also the deployment process seems to go well:

However, when I see the browser, I get:

An error has occurred. Check your logs or contact the app author for clarification.

Here are my logs:

Is this a matter of not being able to run the gifski package?

In order for gganimate to work, you need to have a renderer installed in your system, the default is gifsky but you can change it with the renderer parameter animate(plot, renderer = ffmpeg_renderer()), although, I don't know which renderers are available on

Yes. The default renderer works on my system, but I'm not sure which renderers are available on does not automatically install packages listed under Suggests, so if you want to use gifski, you should include a library(gifski) line in your code.

Thanks for replying! I included library(gifski) and deployed it here, but I still get the same error message

Hold on... Now, log tells me:

Warning: Error in : The png package is required to use gifski_renderer

png is also listed as Suggests for gganimate, try adding library(png) as well?

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After a million tries, it finally works!

Thanks for your time as always Josh.

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