Publishing source code to Connect

I'm new to Connect and I'm unable to publish a document with source code. I get an error that Connect cannot open the connection. I'm curious why the datafiles cannot be located since I can knit the document in Workbench. Is this an authentication issue between Connect and Workbench? In my setting, Workbench is on one Linux server and Connect is on it an issue with communication between the 2 servers?

Howdy @scoulter ! Welcome to RStudio Community and to Connect! That is definitely a curious issue!!

It very well may be that there is an issue with communication between the 2 servers! It's a little hard to tell without a bit more information though. Is it possible that you could share the deployment log / a screenshot of what you are encountering? That would be super helpful!

Is this working for anyone else on your team? That can help tell whether the issue is in your personal workspace or for the whole installation.

It's also worth noting that since Connect and Workbench are professional software, you have a support team at RStudio that may be able to help with this issue as well! If you want to go that route, you can email with the logs I mentioned and include a link to this thread :smile:

I hope we can get your issue resolved soon!

Hi Cole,
Yes. My issue is more about the communication between a Linux server a SQL server and the security products/credentials in place in my organization. I realize this may not be the ideal place for this question, but I was curious if you know where I might post this type of question for support?