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I am struggling with finding a code which allows me to create a named list containing 3 elements which are functions.
For the purpose of this question, it is necessary to download the purrr package.

the 3 functions, defined as elements of a named list, to be included are the following :
linear = function(x) x,
quadratic = function(x) (x - pi/2)^2 - pi/2
sinusoidal = function(x) sin(x)

What I have tried so far :

list_fun <- list(x)
map(list_fun, linear:x, quadratic:(x - pi/2)^2 - pi/2, sinusoidal:sin(x))

linear <- function(x) x
quadratic <- function(x) (x - pi/2)^2 - pi/2
sinusoidal <- function(x) sin(x)
(mylist <- c(linear,quadratic,sinusoidal) %>% 
    purrr::set_names(c("linear","quadratic","sinusoidal")) %>%

but it seems a somewhat artificial requirement, given that we start with a vector of functions, and go to a named list, why go through the effort, why not a named vector ?

(myvec <- c(linear,quadratic,sinusoidal) %>% 

Thank you very much it worked!

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