Put a plot3D in a pdf with Rmardown

Hello ,

I've a problem to put my plot in a pdf with Rmardown.
It's a 3D plot that I create with rgl. I want to have a png of this animation that I can put in my pdf but I don't know how to do that. I can't let my plot in html (teacher want a pdf file). Can you help me? I don't know if it's very clear, sorry I'm new.

Here the code :
plot3d(x = new$ped, y = new$bmi, z = new$age, type = 's', col = newcol,
main = "Impact de 'age', de 'ped' et de 'bmi' sur le diabete",
xlab = 'Pedigree', ylab='Bmi', zlab='Age')

MatriceVue <- r3dDefaults$userMatrix

ModifParametre <- par3dinterp(time=(0:2), userMatrix = list(MatriceVue, rotate3d(MatriceVue,pi/3, 5, 0, 4), rotate3d(MatriceVue, pi/3, 0, 1, 2)))

rglwidget() %>%

playwidget(par3dinterpControl(ModifParametre, 0, 4, steps=10),
step = 0.05, loop = TRUE, rate = 0.5)

I'm afraid to inform you PDFs do not support animations.

Oh, it's bad... I have no option ? I already have an animation on my pdf and it works perfectly. It's not really important if the animation doesn't work on pdf if I can put an animation's png on it (i'll send the script with my work so the teacher will see the animation at the end).

Oh, forgive me if my information was wrong. I was unaware of this possibility.

No no it's ok maybe I was wrong too because I really don't find a way to put THIS sort of plot on a pdf

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