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paid / full-time / Brussels Area, Belgium

Python Predictions is currently looking for data scientists. We are looking for people with a passion for data science, interested in contributing to concrete business projects in a wide variety of domains and applications. In this role, you will need to be able to adapt quickly to new technology, applications and environments. You will operate with our current clients on a short to long-term basis. All candidates need working proficiency in English, knowledge of Dutch and French is a plus.

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To apply, please send:

  1. an updated resume (curriculum vitae)
  2. a short text where you explain your motivation

Both are needed to be considered as a candidate.

Desired skills and experience

  • A passion for Data Science: You understand that organizations today should make the most of the available information, in order to turn this information into value. You have acquired relevant skills (training or experience).
  • Programming experience: You have acquired programming experience in Python, R, SQL,... We do not expect applicants to know all languages, but we do expect them to be proficient in at least one language at the start.
  • Driven by results: You are motivated by obtaining concrete deliverables and results. You want to make a difference for the organizations you work for, and you like to be recognized for your input.
  • Team player: you can work independently, but you also appreciate collaboration. You are open-minded and have no fear of expressing your opinion in a constructive way.

What we have to offer

  • Python Predictions is a Brussels-based service provider specialized in data science projects with impact
  • In January 2020, Python Predictions joined Tobania – a leading Belgian business & technology consulting firm that guides their clients through digital business transformation
  • Great variation in job content due to missions in different industries, different domains and different environments
  • In-company trainings adapted to your personal needs
  • Premium access to DataCamp courses to further develop your programming skills
  • Continuous learning in monthly team meetings and development time
  • A great team of colleagues with shared values

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