Python: which IDE?

Hi. I have been using R for years with RStudio as the IDE. I understand there are other IDEs but RStudio is the most common. I also use Run R code online to run a small piece of R code.

I am thinking I should bite the bullet and learn some Python.

What is the friendliest Python IDE? And what is the equivalent to Run R code online to run a small piece of Python code?

you can use RStudio to write and run Python, using the reticulate package (Interface to Python • reticulate).
You can also use this online using

Alternatively, you may be interested in using VSCode (, with the Python extension. This is my preferred IDE for Python and Julia.

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I also know a few people who use PyCharm.

In data analysis, the dominant approach seems to be Jupyter notebooks (roughly equivalent to Rmarkdown/Quarto, they are commonly used in browser).

Well, there are lots of Python IDE's, but when it comes to choosing the most used and popular IDE's then there are many options like PyCharm, Visual Studio Code, and Spyder whereas each IDE's has its own strengths and features.
Well, you can find more details about it in detail here.
Well, I have also seen this post where author listed 11 best Python IDE's with detailed information about it.

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