Quarto: Alpha or Beta or?

Hi, I'm curious what stage of dev is Quarto in? There are currently 900 issues on Github.

I jumped on using Quarto ASAP given how well fleshed out the website is, but am wondering if I should switch back to Rmd given that I'm having trouble with something simple: rendering a quarto file to a destination folder, without the qmd also being in that folder.

In my understanding, Quarto is an on-going project just like Rmarkdown was for many years. If Quarto, as it is right now, does not have all the features you know and love from Rmarkdown, I would strongly advise sticking with Rmd. It is definitely a more mature product overall. Quarto will get there but we need to give it some time. Having said that, Quarto is already very powerful and you can already do a lot with it.

Quarto is out of Beta as you call it since the v 1.0 version.

Currently we are at 1.3 version, and soon 1.4.

Quarto is in active development stage meaning of lot of things new is happening at every version. But it is stable and meant to be used, meaning there should not be any breaking change unless really really necessary. And if this happens, (which I don't think it has yet), there will be communication and workarounds.


This is possible with Quarto projects using YAML option, or using simple wrapper scripts around quarto render (or post render script).

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