Quarto book_start Equivalent


I'm looking to convert a current bookdown book into a quarto book. The _bookdown.yml file contains the following line:

before_chapter_script: "book_start.R"

I found this query online which may be relevant to my question. If so, would pre-render be the equivalent to before_chapter_script in quarto?

Thanks in advance.

There is not exact equivalent to that in Quarto as the overall rendering process is a bit different. Depending on what you are doing in book_start.R, pre-render could be a replacement. Difference will be that what you do in pre-render won't be kept in the R session for rendering the .qmd document.

The solution replacement would be to have a setup chunk in all document like this

```{r, setup, file = "book_start.R", include = FALSE}

which could added as is in all docs, or put in a separate _setup.qmd file that you could load using

  • usual Rmd way
```{r, child = "_setup.qmd", include = FALSE}
{{< include _setup.qmd >}}

I believe all of this would work fine.

However, I understand that the bookdown feature is something that some people where relying on for new_session: true configuration. An equivalent of the rendering process could be considered in the future.

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