"Quarto: command not found" in the terminal and shell, but I am able to create and render .qmd files.

I am trying to use quarto on RStudio IDE. I have downloaded and installed quarto and I can create and render .qmd files. However, both in the terminal and the shell, when inputting "quarto", I receive "bash: quarto: command not found".

This prevents me from using "quarto tools install ..." and other commands, and I would really appreciate some advice.


Which version of RStudio are you using ? You shouldn't have to install Quarto as it comes shipped withing RStudio IDE.

By installing another version, you need to be sure it is put in PATH so that it can be access in RStudio Terminal. Is this working your OS terminal ?

My RStudio IDE version is 2022.02.2.

It is working in my OS terminal, but not git bash, the RStudio terminal, or the shell.

What is the result of quarto --version and which quarto is all those environment ?

In R console what Sys.which("quarto") give you ?

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