quarto doc: chunk execution stalls, but cannot interrupt R

I often run into the following frustrating scenario when running quarto docs in Workbench:

  • I'll run chunks of R code interactive and manually
  • Some chunks will run, but then chunks will just "stall" (clock showing in the top right)
  • R is no longer running anything (I can run commands from the terminal), so the stall is not due to waiting for a process to finish
  • session => Interrupt R is not available (faded out)
  • If I click on any of the "clocks" for the "stalled" code chunks, I get the message: The code in this chunk is scheduled to run later,
  • If I click on the "run code chunk" button next to the "clock" button, I get the error: Rstudio cannot execute 'Run Previous' because this notebook is already executing code. Interrupt R, or wait for the execution to complete
    • ...but R is not running, and I cannot interrupt R!!!

What should be done in this all-to-common situation? I don't want to restart my R session and run my long-running quarto doc from the beginning, but that appears to be my only choice.


I'm surprised that no one else is constantly running into this issue. To summarize the issue:

  • The user is interactively running a set of code chunks
  • At some point the chunk running "stalls" (clock symbols forever shown for some chunks)
  • There is no interrupt-R option (faded out), so the user must restart R and start all over
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