Quarto Pub not working. It returns "ERROR: API Error: 429 - Too Many Requests"

For the last day, I have been getting this error when I try to publish to Quarto Pub:

Davids-MBP:class-2023-06-22 dkane$ quarto publish quarto-pub
? Publish with account: › dave.kane@gmail.com
? Site name: › class-2023-06-22

[✓] Creating quarto-pub site
ERROR: API Error: 429 - Too Many Requests

Error: API Error: 429 - Too Many Requests
    at QuartoPubClient.createSite (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:111358:23)
    at async file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:108983:26
    at async withSpinner (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:56613:9)
    at async handlePublish (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:108980:9)
    at async publishSite (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121225:38)
    at async publish5 (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121443:61)
    at async doPublish (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121399:13)
    at async publishAction (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121435:13)
    at async Command.fn (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:121387:9)
    at async Command.execute (file:///Applications/quarto/bin/quarto.js:8437:13)
Davids-MBP:class-2023-06-22 dkane$ 

All the students in my class are getting the same error. Suggestions?

Quarto Pubs is now working again.

Sorry for the inconvenience. It was an issue reported also at

It has indeed been fixed.

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