quarto revealjs presentation in a shiny app

Hello everybody,

I want to include a presentation (built from quarto) in a shiny application. However, when I try to include the html, markdown or quarto file, as this example (GitHub - yannsay/repex_slides_in_shiny). I don't get the presentation but the titles and content but not the presentation/revealjs component.
I have also tried with renderUI and outputUI and it gives the same results. I could not find some htmlwidget linked to revealjs neither.

The presentation would be part a component of a shiny app (it will have other R code, tab, etc), I don't want just the presentation, but the problem I cannot resolve at the moment is to get the presentation showing.

What I get

What I would like

The repex can be found here (GitHub - yannsay/repex_slides_in_shiny).

Many thanks in advance.

Did you try publishing the presentation (like in quarto.pub) and then include in your shiny app using an Iframe?