Quarto unable to run when administrator has blocked modification to the registry on windows

I am working on a pc at work. For security reason the administrators have blocked the modifications in the registry. I don't think that quarto need to write in the registry, just that it could read some informations. Specificaly one of the error is that init.lua cannot determine ansi code page from the registry. I know that the use of regedit is blocked. I use the last version of Rstudio (2022.02.3). Is there a workaround? Perhaps to give the information in the qmd file?
Thanks for the help

Latest version is 2022.07.0+548. If you are lucky this could be already solved and if not, at least you could confirm that it is a current issue.

Thanks andresrcs. It effectively solves the problem. In fact when I looked for updates of Rstudio in Rstudio the answer was that my version was current. I know now that I must look directly on the Rstudio site.

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