Quarto Windows font database warning

Can someone help me solve the Windows font database problem as described below?

Operating system: Windows 11 Pro.
Quarto: version 1.3.450
R version: R-4.3.1
RStudio IDE: 2023.09.01 Build 494

In a quarto document (.qmd file) , when I run a R chunk with ggplot code the correct assigned base_family font, e.g. Comic Sans MS, is shown in the plot.

When I render the quarto document from within RStudio IDE a font warning is shown (see below), and the font is incorrect:

Warning in grid.Call(C_stringMetric, as.graphicsAnnot(x$label)): font family
not found in Windows font database

My Quarto-R code:

author: Miguel Eersel
toc: true


penguins <- palmerpenguins::penguins |> 

penguins |> 
  ggplot(aes(species, bill_length_mm, fill = sex)) +
    size = 3,
    alpha = 0.75,
    shape = 21,
    col = 'black',
    position = position_jitterdodge(seed = 34543)
  ) +
  theme_minimal(base_size = 16, base_family = "Comic Sans MS")  +

    x = element_blank(),
    y = element_blank(),
    subtitle = 'Bill Length',
    fill = 'Sex',
    title = 'Chinstrap Penguins have the Strongest Difference\nin Bill Lengths Between Genders',
  ) +
  scale_fill_discrete(labels = \(x) str_to_title(x)) 

A stupid question but are you sure you have this font installed?

I don't have it as I am using Linux but your code is fine if I substitute a Linux font. I used base_family = "Lobster Two") which is a rather neat font.


Searching the Internet, I have found a solution for my problem.

Install packages {extrafont} and {extrafontdb}

Download and install the new fonts.

In RStudio IDE in R, register the new fonts only once:

In the Quarto document, in the first R-chunk add:

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Nice, it appears you solved your problem.
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