Quarto's rendered revealjs html file is just an MD output -- how do I make it a presentation?

I followed the 'Creating Slides' section here: Quarto - Presentations

When I click 'render' in R Studio, it rendered to html, but it only renders an HTML document, not a presentation with slides.

How do I make it a presentation?

What is inside your YAML file exactly ? Do you have quarto available ?
What is the logging you get for the rendering ? can you tell if it is using Quarto or R Markdown ?

If you get HTML document instead of a revealjs, it means that the format is not correctly detected.

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In their demo repo, they don't have any yaml file. It still seems to render as slides.
Well, though I can't say I find the way to write the configs from scratch, I just change the demo repo and at least that works.

Which is the demo repo ?

The Creating slides session uses YAML with format: revealjs in it.

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