Question about plotting

I'm wondering if somebody help me. I'm new in R-studio. And when I'm plotting something It displayed in window not in programm. How I can fix it?

I use Windows 7 and I downloaded RStudio-1.1.463.

You cannot. An R plot has a separate window. You can save the plot but it will not appear in the R program.

Oh, I din't know this. But R has special tab Plots. At the moment I am watching a course on

R and there the lecturer builds graphs in this way.

That plot is appearing in an RStudio panel/window not in the actual R program. RStudio is what is called an integrated development environment ( IDE ). You do not need RStudio to run R. It makes using R much easier but it is not essential.

There are any number of IDEs for R although I think RStudio is the most popular 11 Best R Programming IDE and editors -

Is it possible to make the graph displayed in R-Studio as in the photo above?

Do you mean that you want to use the the graph it another program?

If so yes. In Rsudio you can click on the "Export" button in the Plots Window and save the plot or you can use the png() command ---see ? png--- to save the plot as an image that you can use in other programs such as LibreOffice or Word.

Here is a very simple plot that is saved to disc.


Is it possible that your plot window is simply floating ? And can be docked into place ?

Sorry, Maybe I said it wrong :slight_smile: I meant Can I build graph intro R-studio? Like on photo below? Because When I build graph it is displayed in another window not in R-studio

Sorry to be away so long.

I guess the answer is yes if you have a plot window open and are using RStudio. I realise this is not a very good answer but I think @ nirgrahamuk"s qeuestion is appropriate. IS the winhow floating?

Have a look at Tools > General Options > Pane Appearance anh check to see if arr four panes are there.

How about a screenshot of how your plots appear ?
I can make my normal right bottom paned plots appear as independent windows in addition, if I press on the zoom button. Do the words 'plot zoom' appear printed on these floating plots ?

Yes, window if floatinng. I'm even used to it already, but it's not very convenient. I will send screenshot

ok, well that says graphics device two.
so maybe we should try turning off all your devices before plotting again.
what happens when you do

Unfortunately did not help :frowning: Anyway, the window with the graph is launched separately