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Hi, my university is closing so we can move our courses online because of Covid-19, and I was hoping to set up an RStudio Community-style Discourse site for course in my department. I set up a temporary one to test out, but I can't figure out what settings will allow me how to mimic the RStudio Community setup -- is there a way to find out? @Robby, do you know?

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I think @EconomiCurtis might be the best one to answer this question, but there are a few valuable threads on this kind of thing in the Discours meta site:


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I think I might be the best person to help up with that kind of setup. I'll send you a DM and let's chat.

I think the big things are:

  • Training
  • Trust levels
    • Make sure your students are quickly elevated above TL0. Otherwise they'll be restricted with what they can do. You can do this via groups.
    • Setup your TAs/support folks as TL4, or sustainers on rstudio. This gives them extra powers that'll be helpful.
  • Groups - If you are dealing with multiple classes and sections, strongly considering creating a group for each.
    • You'll need to set permissions on the class correctly. So anyone can join.
    • You can use groups to automatically boost people to the right trust level. So one moderator group (to tl4) and your class groups ensure people get bumped to TL1 or 2.
    • You can use the group as yoru invitation vehicle, eg join your classes group at
    • You can use the group as a handy tool for mass notifications.
  • Gotchas
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