Question and Answers on RStudio Community - Soft Launch

RStudio Community recently added support for Q&A type questions. This is currently a soft launch, as we test it out and see how it works and how stable the plugin in. Should this feature not work, we will disable it.

The Q&A plugin is very popular on other forums, I'm confident it will be popular here too.

The Q&A Plugin

The Question-Answer plugin allows you to create topics in a similar QA style used by Stack Overflow.

How do I create a question?

Q&A Features

  • Upvoting of Questions only work on Categories that support voting. For example #rstudio-cloud.
  • All replies to the original post will be Answers.
  • All replies to answers will be Comments.
  • Upvoting of answers is supported. Higher trust-levels users have more votes.
  • Posts are arranged, first by the number of votes they have received, then by the date they were posted.
  • Answers or comments may be marked as a solution by the original poster or sustainers.

More information about the Q&A Plugin

The Q&A plugin was developed by The Pavilion team, a cooperative of Discourse developers. The leads where Angus McLeod and Muhlis Cahyono.


Which Categories on RStudio Community support voting and which don't?

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There's two types of voting.

Answer Voting - For any Q&A topic-thread, folks can vote on any answer. For example

Vote on topic-threads - Some categories support topic voting. For example #rstudio-cloud. Users can vote for any topic. This just replaces Liking of the top-level post on a topic, with a vote.
For example, EXAMPLE Question & Answer Topic-Thread