Question for mutate_at and string mismatches

I encountered a very confusing problem. When I run this code, I cannot get its results. Prompt to:
Error in mutate_at(., vars(oac_grp, sex, age_band, age_sex), ~factor(.)) :
There is no "mutate_at" function

and also There is no "%>%" function

There is also an error about string mismatches:

Thank you so much!

You need to load the relevant packages first:


individuals <- individuals %>% mutate_at(vars(oac_grp, sex,age_band, age_sex),~factor(.))

I have used install.packages("dplyr"). But it reminds me that There is no "%>%" function

These are different commands.
The first one you must do once to have dplyr on your system. The second one you need once in every subsequent r session if you want to use the dplyr functionality in that session.

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