Question on Latent Class Analysis in R - Class Probabilities

Dear All,

I've been using the randomLCA package in R for some classification.

Here, broadly speaking, LCA provides 'class probabilities' and 'covariate probabilities within class'

I wondered however if anybody knew if it was possible to see the 'class probabilities' on a more granular level?

For example, if I have n = 1000 and three classes with a 20,20,60 split, is it possible to see the granular detail of the 200 individuals who reside in Class 1?

I've attached a link to the original paper on randomLCA. You'll see on page 9 the author obtains the class probabilities with the 'summary' function, but does not provide an account of more detailed analysis.

Would appreciate hearing if someone had conducted similar analysis in the past :slight_smile:

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