Question regarding RStudio Server for ARM architecture

First, thank you for the new RStudio Server release that supports R 4.1. The new features are great.

Second, I am wondering if you are planning to support the ARM architecture for the RStudio Server product, especially now that the Desktop version runs on Apple silicon. Powerful ARM boxes are now available from Apple, AWS, and others. And playing with cheap Raspberry Pi clusters is pretty fun, too.

I realize that supporting a non-Intel architecture is a big deal. Still, I'd be grateful if your Server could tap into these new, cheap, powerful machines.


I agree, playing with Raspberry Pi SBCs can be a very affordable way of experimenting with more complex setups and could also benefit low income students.

Is there a feature request on the the GitHub repo where we could vote? If not, it would be worthy filing one? In other words, would you consider supporting other architectures if there is enough interest from the community?


We are definitely considering this. Comment/upvote here:


Thank you for the link, Jonathan. I am very glad to see broad interest in the ARM architecture within the R community.

Again, my hope is that RStudio will officially support the Server product on ARM. I've built the Server for ARM myself, and it went well except for a few hurdles. At the time, (1) CRAN (and did not fully support ARM, requiring me to build many R components from source, including Base R; and (2) I could not find an ARM build of crashpad, a utility program used by the Server.

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