question type for single mix and match with sortable in learnr - recommendations

I'm attempting to implement a mix & match question using sortable in learner. The post about how to limit the number of items that can be dropped was quite helpful!

I've got the basics of that working in learnr - see image below.

My question is: Does an easier way exist to do this as a question_xx in learnr? Something like question_bucket(), but doesn't seem quite right here (although I may be reading it wrong!). I'm wondering if anyone else has other suggestions.

Worst case, I think with a little additional coding I could convert to look more like the learnr style. Is there an easier solution I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!

Check out Tutorial Quiz Questions in learnr for an example on how to create your question_xx() methods. These methods will help you tell learnr if a question has been answered properly and how to display the UI before and after an answer submission.

Thanks Barret, I will check it out.

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