Question Visualisation CorPlot() Package: psych

I try to visualize a correlation Matrix with CorPlot.

I wrote this code:
corPlot(y, method = "spearman", colors = FALSE, stars = TRUE,
diag = FALSE, upper = FALSE,
labels = c("Growth", "Inflation", "Unemployment", "Export", "Import", "City Block", "Euclidean", "Mahalanobis"),
main = "", show.legend = FALSE, min.length = 9, cex = 1)

And got this visualization:

There is an empty row and column how can I delete?

how about use ggcorrplot ?

ggplot can use theme_classic to set the background to blank.

corr <- round(cor(mtcars), 1)
p.mat <- cor_pmat(mtcars)
ggcorrplot(corr, hc.order = TRUE, type = "lower",
           lab = TRUE)+

If you can show us your data, we may be able to suggest a specific solution.

Next time, it would be helpful if you could use markdowns for your questions so they are easier to read.

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