(Quietly) Announcing the PowerPoint support in R Markdown



Some of rstudio::conf 2018 attendees might still remember my quick whisper about the PowerPoint support in R Markdown. In fact, PPT has been supported in the rmarkdown package since early Jan this year, but there were still several improvements to make (in Pandoc and the RStudio IDE). Today we think it should be good enough for brave beta testers to try it out. Due to the fact that it requires the daily build of RStudio (not strictly true, but the RStudio daily build will make several things eaiser), please do us a favor not to publicize it on social media at the moment. The full documentation for the PowerPoint format in R Markdown can be found at:

You will realize that this is actually a section in a new book, which is not published yet. I'm still working on the revision of the first draft, so again, please do not share the link on social media before we officially announce it in the RStudio blog.

If you find any issues related to the PowerPoint format, you may report them here or file them to the rmarkdown repo: https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown/issues. If you have any suggestions or feedback on the new R Markdown book, we'd also love to hear them (feel free to file issues at https://github.com/rstudio/rmarkdown-book/issues). Thank you!


I stumbled upon this book a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited and appreciative to have it as a resource!