R 4.0.0 in RStudio Cloud

Are there any plans to add R 4.0.0 to RStudio Cloud? Having a development version of R in the cloud seems like a great use of the platform.

Hi @igor,

At present, while we make major releases -- as well as most minor and patch releases -- of R available in RStudio Cloud, we don't currently make development releases available.

That said, if there's a specific use case you have in mind that would benefit from having a development version of R available, we'd love to hear about it. While we don't have plans to do this today, it may be something we consider in the future.


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The specific case I was thinking about is for testing packages. I use Travis and I recently started getting errors with the devel R. Unfortunately, the errors are not very clear, so it would be nice to be able to test the package manually in that environment.

Thanks for the info, that's helpful. Is your process such that you don't have this version of R installed locally?

Managing multiple R versions locally is possible, but not very easy. Also, it's harder to keep track of all the dependencies. For example, I started getting errors with Travis devel R, but a local version seems to be working fine. Clearly there are some inconsistencies. And, of course, it's a lot easier to work with others using a cloud version of R.

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