R 4.0.3 win version, and Rstudio 1.3.1093 Window

I uninstalled the old versions of R & Rstudio in C\program files, and installed the new versions of both. However, Rstudio was blank, I meant no consoles appeared.

How do I resolve the problem? Thank you for your help.

Have you tried resetting RStudio's state?

The limit is for RAM memory not disk space, data frames are usually bigger when loaded in memory.

Here is a troubleshooting guide that you can follow

Thanks for your guide. I tried to reset ( ```

then rename the directory. 
What next? as it still did not solve the issue.  I already uninstalled old versions. Do I need to reinstall?

Alternatively, I tried to use RStudio Cloud, and the dataset is 847MB (<1GB), but I received " [The previous R session was abnormally terminated due to an unexpected crash. You may have lost workspace data as a result of this crash.]". How do I solve?

Thank you for your advice.