R 4.0 issue with armaselect function

Hi everybody,
I just installed R version 4.0.2
I have a problem with "armaselect" function, embeeded in "caschrono" package.
Even if I install successfully the package, this specific function is still missing and the code stops with the alert "cannot find armalesect function".
Thanks in advance for your help.

Based on the error message, it looks like you have a spelling issue

It reads armalesect instead of armaselect.

The spelling issue is due to the fact that I wrote too fast this topic. Unfortunately the problem is not this simple one related to spelling. Thanks anyway

It looks like the function should be there in the package, so I'd try reinstalling the package (though I'm not sure why or how you'd get an installation of the package without a function), and, if that doesn't work, file an issue or bug report with the package author.

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