R 4.2.0: devtools::build_manual() fails

Dear all,

two weeks ago I upgraded from R 4.1.3 to R 4.2.0. As a passionate practitioner in building my own small R packages with the devtools-toolbox, I am also concerned about a proper (roxygen 7.2.0) documentation for the functions contained therein. In this respect I appreciated a lot the possibility of generating a CRAN-style *.pdf for each package with the devtools::build_manual() command. However, as of late, when executing this command I run into the message "Error: Failed to build manual". I already looked for help elsewhere, following suggestions of updating my devtools, knitr, LaTeX, etc. installations, but none of them solved this issue to date.

Are there any further recommendations out there? Many thanks. Cheers.

You need to show us a reproducible example, e.g. your package that fails if it is open source.