R 4.3.1 Download not working on Windows

Hi all,

I had an older version of R that was working fine (R 4.1.0). However, I was having issues with some code and thought that updating to the newest version of R would help. Now I have MORE issues as I cannot download the newest version of R (4.3.1).

I have gone through the installation from CRAN (done this as an administrator, in C: and C: program files), etc. But every time, when I try to open R after the software installs (I have a desktop icon, so the whole installation process has completed), I get the following error: "Fatal error: 'R_TempDir' contains space. Has anyone else come across this error? What did you do to successfully install the software?

Hi @slheiman
There are some possible solutions to this problem posted here:

Thank you for sending this! These solutions didn't work for me, so I'm still looking, but appreciate getting more options.

Just to confirm, it is R that is not loading, not RStudio?

Yes, it is R 4.3.1 itself, not Rstudio

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