R Cloud is crashed for me when I was working with no reason.

I am unable to work with my R cloud. It is not loading or working.

Please look into it and resolve the issue at the earliest.
I tried restarting my project, logged out and logged in again and still no luck.


Could you try relaunching the project and see if it helps?


Please let us know if you still have issues after relaunching.


No it is not working. My cursor has no control in the screen at all!


I was able to load your application. Can you give it a try? If you still experience the issue, it may be a browser issue.

Please provide the following:

  • What browser are you using?
  • Are there errors in the JS console?
  • Does the problem persist if you use another browser?
  • Does the issue affect only this project or other projects as well?


The issue got resolved. Thank you.

I have the following questions:

  1. Is R cloud can be used only for 15 hours?
  2. Most of the my went just in a static webpage, how to get back the hours?
  3. May I know the root cause of this issue?
  4. What should I do if I face with the same issue?


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