R-CMD-Check fails on Windows when building vignettes: cannot find package

I've switched to GitHub-actions to run R-CMD-Check on my package, textmineR.

When using GitHub-actions to run R-CMD-Check on Windows (release), the check errors out with

Error: Error: processing vignette 'a_start_here.Rmd' failed with diagnostics:

nodes produced errors; first error: there is no package called 'textmineR'

See: 32

I don't receive this for any other OS/R-version on GitHub-actions, nor does this happen when using the Win Builder service. (And it didn't happen when CRAN itself checked, though they bounced my latest release for other reasons :sweat_smile:)

Not sure what to do here. I'm not blocked or anything, but the red "build failing" badge in the README haunts my dreams.

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