R code and all backups are blank

Hey everyone,

I have been working on an R file in RStudio for months. I saved the file last friday, and when opening it again on monday, the file was completely empty (size 0kb). All previous versions of the file were empty as well. I think the problem is similar to that discussed here: R code file 0 kb after saving with previous version of R

I make daily backups, but somehow the file in the backup is empty aswell for the last 2 months. The most recent backup in which the file still has coding it in, is from july 1st.

Does anyone know how i could retrieve the coding?


Sadly, I would wager theres no recovering the specific files mentioned

I would recommend though, taking further steps to derisk the loss of precious code;

  1. write R code using Rstudios project features
  2. in particular make use of version control via git
  3. get greater benefits to using git, by using the github integrations (which will provide a 3rd party host for maintaining your code history).

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