R Code to Web app

How to engineer an app? Data pipeline as follows:

  1. Empty data frames

  2. Input is .csv (uploaded daily)

  3. Functions to calculate values from .csv

  4. values to existing data frames. Updates and saves empty data frames.

I do have all the code that works on local computer given filenames for read.csv. Also have created flexdashboard in R Markdown as output.

Data frames are calendar months. Input needs to be file upload via dashboard. What are possible solutions? What about hosting? Needs to be accessed via web and needs to keep updated tables.

You can deploy your flexdashboard to make it available to others with something like shinyapps.io or RStudio Connection.

Although these steps are for a Shiny app, assuming your using the RStudio IDE, the deployment steps "Create a shinyapps.io account" and "Deploying apps" (using the Publish button) are the same Shiny - Getting started with shinyapps.io

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