R for Excel Users Workshop - rstudio::conf 2020

R for Excel Users Workshop

9:00 AM-5:00 PM
2 Day Workshop

Dr. Julia Stewart Lowndes
Senior Fellow at NCEAS, University of California Santa Barbara
Openscapes Director
Twitter: @juliesquid

Dr. Allison Horst
Faculty, UC Santa Barbara
Artist in Residence, RStudio
Twitter: @allison_horst

Jessica Couture
Twitter: @ECOuture9

Jamie Montgomery
Twitter: @jamiecmonty

Workshop book: rstd.io/conf20-r-excel

This course is for Excel users who want to add or integrate R and RStudio into their existing data analysis toolkit. It is a friendly intro to becoming a modern R user, full of tidyverse, RMarkdown, GitHub, collaboration & reproducibility.

Before the workshop:

We are excited to meet you at our R for Excel Users Workshop at RStudio::conf(2020) next week!

In addition to the email you received from RStudio, please do the following before Monday. It should take 20 minutes, and all software is free. If you have any issues, we will be available to help with installing from 8:30-9:00 on Monday in our workshop room. You will learn the room location when you check in for the conference.

  1. Download and install R and RStudio:
  1. Create a GitHub account:
  1. Download and install Git
  • Git: https://git-scm.com/downloads
  • Follow your operating system’s normal installation process. Note: you will not see an application called Git listed but if the installation process completed it was likely successful, and we will confirm together
  1. Download workshop data
  • Google Drive folder: r-for-excel-data
  • Click DOWNLOAD ALL and save it temporarily somewhere you will remember; we will move it together

See you there!