R Graphics: Device 2 (ACTIVE)



RStudio is outputting graphics to a pop-up window entitled "R Graphics: Device 2 (Active)" and not placing anything in the RStudio plots pane. I found other people with this problem in old posts, but no solution.


As you might have already read, RStudio creates its own graphics device.
Could you restart RStudio, and try this in a fresh RStudio session:


You should see this:

[1] "RStudioGD"

I'm curious if you could give a screenshot of the odd popup window as well.
Is this with all uses of plot? or specific to some code you can offer as a reprex?


I tried for the screenshot, but new users cannot attach documents.
It was with plot() and hist().

This was the best help, because it helped me find the problem.
gave me a huge output, but at the end was a warning that RStudio will not work with R graphics drivers 12. Please update RStudio.

The problem was fixed after installing the RStudio update.

Thank you.



Could you mark this as your solution (FAQ: How do I choose a solution?).

This will bump you to "level-1" and so you should be able to post images now.

And your solution taught me a little lesson about helping folks here and on other communities. When you wrote "I found other people with this problem in old posts, but no solution", I assumed you had seen the same posts I had linked to "R Graphics: Device 2 (ACTIVE)", in which some people had updated RStudio and resolved the issue.
I therefore didn't suggest the idea. But we probably should have started there.