R in ecology - SIBER package



I work with R, Rstudio interface, I do ecology modeling. Usually I use SIMMR package and it does the trick, except this time I'd like to use SIBER alongside SIMMR, so I can build those ellipsis. I installed it, ran the example model and it worked out just fine. However, when I try to import my data and try to run it, I get the following:

#import my dataset in .txt format
dados2 <- read_csv("dados2.txt")
Parsed with column specification:
iso1 = col_double(),
"iso2" = col_double(),
"group" = col_integer(),
"community" = col_integer()
mydata <- dados2
siber_example <- createSiberObject(mydata)
Error in createSiberObject(mydata) :
The header names in your data file must match
c("iso1", "iso2", "group", "community") exactly

I already checked for the name on top, with quotes, just like it demands me to, and even still, I cant get it to run, I've tried botho .csv and .txt, and get the same error on both

Thanks a lot !!!